Welcome to my blog! I am Kitti Czene, a fashion design student and this is Fashi0nsoul, the essence of my world since 2013.That was the year when I realized that the best way to express my creativity is through this blog and through including others in my passion that is fashion :)

I noticed a long time ago that I am the happiest if I can dedicate most of my time to photography, image editing, writing on related subjects etc. and what makes me even more excited is that I have a chance to share this love with you.
I mostly post personal outfits and share beauty tips, sometimes dive a little deeper into the world of make-ups.

I hope you find the content on my blog that you are looking for and spend some valuable time reading my posts!
Feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or ideas for profesionnal collaboration: fashi0nsoulblog@gmail.com

- 2nd place of The HUNGARIAN BLOGGER OF THE YEAR 2015


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